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maison d'hôtes
maison d'hôtes
maison d'hôtes

Originally from Great Britain, Chris has lived in France since 2006. He has a real passion for surfing but also loves mechanics and crafts. Ever since he was a little boy, Chris has been watching his father work and create in his workshop. It is thanks to this knowledge that he has transformed the Hacienda into a place where each beam has found its ground!

Chris has dedication for a job well done. He loves challenges and giving life back to old ruins. The project of the Hacienda represents him perfectly.

Morgane, (Mo),  From Britany 😉
Having worked for many years for big tourism companies, today Morgane has mastered the essentials of greeting guests and managing an establishment. Adding to this, she could create in the Hacienda what she loves most, a cultural environment.

Morgane loves people! She has finally listened to her inner voice continuously telling her to welcome her OWN guests. Every experience in the past years has led Morgane today to exactly where she dreamt to be!


Boots is a springer spaniel; she was born in September 2015. She is bilingual and understands both languages when she wants to… She is a dog of wonderful company and is the perfect partner when playing games with children. Just like her master, Boots loves building 😉



We found Ticat in a trash ! He was two weeks old… We adopted him in 2017 and he is for the house and neighborhood a mascot!

very playful, his also an excellent hunter and helps to maintain the necessary balance in the garden and the house.

Ticat and Boots love each other and it’s a real pleasure to see them playing together!