Events & Incentive

We make your events a unique and human moment in an atypical and authentic setting!

The Team

Above all, we know and love to receive!

What drives us is the human being, the desire to please, of course, and make your events success. Whatever ! We will take the time with you.

We put all our expertise from several years of work for big company whose success left nothing to chance !

So many skills that will allow you to approach your event calmly.

The place :

The Hacienda is an atypical place that looks like us. A singular universe where each refurbished object and piece of furniture tells a story. Come and enjoy a unique universe where everything is in harmony!

At the Hacienda, the magic of old objects awakens our childhood memories. The unforgettable smell of our old aunts’ living rooms, beeswax, cedar in the cupboards, 6-button TV, rotary phone.

An atypical place, where you feel at home so that you can share your ideas in a place conducive to creativity, meeting and party!

Gastronomy :

The pleasure of flavors is essential when we gather around a table to eat.

The caterers we work with resemble us. They like to share their experience and their love of a job well done. This is the case of Alex, for example, the frequent traveler, who brought with him all these flavors from the globe

For your breakfasts and your breaks, we serve according to the seasons, ethical breakfasts because behind each product that we offer, there is someone passionate who likes to transmit there knowledge.

We are happy to place on the table culinary and gastronomic treasures as rich as they are varied

The Landes région offers an unlimited palette of flavors to allow you to gather around the table and come together, a moment that is important to us all.


Creating an event also means discovering a region, enjoying a unique place and having fun in new activities that will allow you to access the priceless treasures of our region … a stone’s throw from the house !!

Surfing, stand up paddle, tree climbing, horse riding, golf, walking or electric biking … the Landes are a huge playground!

We will be happy to compose with you and our partners a tailor-made program dedicated to the success of your event and supervised by competent and caring people! The card is tailor-made all year round, just for you.

The house is designed to welcome you as part of a workshop, internship, workshop, reunion of families, colleagues or friends and we are happy to receive you!