Welcome to Hacienda Messanges

piscine soleil activité

Welcome to Hacienda Messanges

Nestled in the immediate vicinity of the ocean and the lake “La Prade”, Chris and Morgane chose this house (Hacienda Messanges)  for its beautiful surroundings, its proximity to the ocean and the forest, the majestic oak tree in the middle of the garden and the breath-taking nights where you can see each star in the sky!

After travelling around the world, we have made our dream a reality to welcome visitors from all over the world into our colourful home.

Located in the middle of a natural reserve, you will enjoy our 4000m2 garden to the fullest. You can read a book under the oak tree or drink a coffee by the swimming pool.

There is a direct access to the beach and the lake, for surfing, fishing and other water sports activities.

Hike and discover the many trails through the endless pine forest of Les Landes.

Here in the Hacienda Messanges we offer you a friendly and relaxed getaway where people can exchange and share their experiences.

A retro decor that will remind you of your fondest childhood memories, a feeling of being on holiday at your grandparent’s house.

We have done our very best to make you feel at home. Our travels and meetings have naturally driven us to make sure that every detail of comfort and wellbeing has been taken into consideration. Everything that we have loved while travelling has been reproduced for your benefit.

Bienvenue chez nous, bienvenue à L’Hacienda Messanges 🙂